"Before moving to Canberra, I'd spent four years practising yoga in Sydney and was highly aware that I’d been spoilt with the vast array of studios and classes on offer. I’d fully prepared myself to be disappointed by the ‘yoga scene’ here, or lack thereof. But it turned out that I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Alex's boutique studio, Hangetsu, is hidden away in leafy Deakin. It is beautifully designed in such a way that stepping inside the door traverses you miles away from the realities of everyday life. The soft lighting, gentle heating and ambient music all help to create an exquisite experience. 

The aesthetics, however, are merely accessories to the teaching. Alex clearly deeply connects with the spiritual nature of yoga and has a very practical approach to coaching it. She has a knack of making yoga not just accessible, but enjoyable. Yogis can often take themselves and their practise somewhat seriously, but Alex injects just enough of her sarcastic wit into each class to make each of us realise how ridiculous we, and life, can often be. 

Alex’s classes are so special because she does not have a cookie-cutter approach to yoga. Each class is infused with creativity, every class different. Alex's dedication to yoga, and to teaching excellence is aparant. Her knowledge of anatomy, and ability to explain small adjustments in perfect detail is second to none. I do not exaggerate when I say she is the best yoga teacher I have come across, not just in Canberra, but anywhere.

Alex, I truly cherish your yoga classes - thank you for sharing them."

Anna Keenan


"Alex Kucharska was my second yoga teacher, I discovered Alex when she was teaching at a local gym and when she opened her beautiful studio - Hangetsu in Deakin, I simply followed her there. Hangestu means half-moon, in Japanese and it is one of the most elegant of all the yoga poses. I found the experience of Alex's yoga studio so eminently superior to the gym, I quit my gym membership and just treated myself to the Hangestsu yoga studio. I love the way that Alex teaches Vinyasa Flow yoga, she is knowledgeable yet modest, and her consistent encouragment and learning has allowed me to grow my understanding of yoga, while becoming more adventurous in my practice. Alex's approach invites you to listen to and respond to your body, while creating a safe space in which to experiment with new and more challenges poses. Over the years I have also dabbled in a bit of Bikram yoga, power yoga and Iyengar yoga, but it is the Hangestu experience which always draws me back"


"I couldn't agree more with the sentiments expressed by Rani and Anna.  I've been to around 35 Yoga classes with Alex at her Hangetsu studio; and they are just sublime.  Hard to find the words which depict the balance of guidance, challenge, sharing, and also fun - which are all always present in her classes.  Alex really does have a natural (seems like it!) ability to share her learnings in a very encouraging way.

I've practiced Yoga in many places around our region including some of the famous Balinese studios, and I do believe Alex and her classes are easily as memorable and enjoyable as any of the best i have experienced.

Please keep the energy and enthusiasm alive!."

Paul H.

"I think I've been coming to classes with you for just over a year and wanted to say thank you, because: - I'm less stressed - I'm sleeping better - I'm stronger in my arms and legs than I've been in years - I'm stronger in my back than I've ever been - I'm more at peace in my mind, am calm and relaxed and have no brain fog - I can breathe better - I remember to breathe if I find myself getting worked up about something and it calms me down - I'm more aware of my posture and my stance and am standing straighter than I ever have - My injured shoulder has recovered from about 50% to about 95% - I'm more flexible and less stiff and can move more fluidly - I'm much surer of my abilities, physically, mentally and emotionally Seems like a pretty good deal! So, thank you! I love coming to yoga classes with you and benefitting from your wisdom and kindness :-) x jus